Madeline Sparkles(✨)



We code. We program. We make softwares.

Our git server accounts are on the Presence page.

Here's a quick timeline of our coding journey:

(Years are just a vague sense of time and we suck at time. If you compared the years with the Github history it might not match up, we're not trying to lie, we just hate to look it up and we also can't remember it well.)

2017CWe were about 12. We started learning C and we got pretty good at it. We still speak it well to this day.
2018C++We don't know why we tried C++ out, it was probably because we only knew C, and apparently C++ seemed like the next step.
2019JavaWe picked up Java in order to mod the popular video-game Minecraft, and we got obliterated by objects and inheritance.
2019OOPWe suffered through the pain and understood objects and inheritance. We wish we didn't but we do now.
2019KotlinWe picked up Kotlin because some Minecraft modding folks kept recommending that we try it. We loved it and we learned some bits of Functional Programming from it.
2019C++, VulkanWe tried again at C++ and we had a much better understanding of it this time. We tried to make a game with C++ but ultimately gave up on it. We also tried to do it without an engine and with bare-metal Vulkan.
2020This year was mostly empty, we were suffering with the ominous entity named school.
2021WebWe fell in a well and we started to make websites. We did some CSS magic. Influenced by some friends, we hate JS.
2022Rust, VulkanWe started learning Rust by making various things with it, namely games. We tried and are still trying to make games with it without an engine. We also learned Vulkan to a greater extent here.
2022Lambda CalculusA friend taught me a bit of Lambda Calculus on an uneventful night in a Discord server.
λlc.λtwinkle.twinkle lc
2022KA friend was teaching us and another mutual friend "K," an array-oriented programming language. We didn't continue the class because we eventually got caught up by school.
2023Haskell, ElixirWe look forward to learn Haskell and/or Elixir this year.
????PythonWe seem to "have always known" Python. We know how to use it and we know some more-than-cursed things about the language. We're not sure when we started to understand Python beyond usage.


We've been speaking English for 5 years. We've been indistinguishable from a native speaker for a long time.

We speak Chinese natively.

We tried to learn German before, but we gave up due to loss of interest.

We've been looking forward to learning Toki Pona. <insert something about misa here>


We translate English songs to Chinese. We have them on Youtube, links are on the Presence page.

The translations are also on Github, formatted in Markdown.


We've been a hobbyist graphic designer for a long time. We've designed a few icons over the years.

Although they're not all that great, we still keep doing it.


We live in Taiwan, we're born here and have been here most of our life.

We don't mind relocation, if one were to offer us such.

On the Internet, we're on many places. You can find those on the Presence page.