Madeline Sparkles(✨)

Things We've Done

We've done some stuff over the years.

Admittedly, some of them were ambitious projects that flopped. But the experience learned was still invaluable.

Obfuscated Tribute C Code

#define twi 1
#include <stdio.h>
void twilight(void){char                love='T',TWILY[5] [5]={{31                ,twi<<2, twi<<2,4,twi<<2}            ,{(twi<<4)           +1, 1+(twi
<<4),21,        21,10}, {31         ,twi<<2,4,            twi<<2,31},         {twi <<4,             16,twi<<4,         twi<<4,31}     ,{17,10,twi<<2,
twi <<2,        twi << 2}},       books =twi*               0,twilight,     __ ; STORE:               while(twi)       {if (books>=5)break;
twilight =twi>>1; BUYBOOKS:       while(twi){               if(twilight     >=5)break;                char b=(16)      ;__= twi << 8;
PAYFORBOOKS:while(twi) {if(       __<(twi<<3)               )goto  PAY;    else;break;                PAY:printf(      "%c",TWILY[twilight]
[books]         &b?love:' '        );b>>=1;__               +=twi;goto     PAYFORBOOKS;               }BUY:love+=      (love=='T' ? 3:love=='W'?242
:love==         'I'?3: love        =='L' ?13 :             251);printf       ("    ");                twilight=        twilight +twi; goto BUYBOOKS;}
BACKTOSTORE: printf ("\n")           ;books+=twi;goto STORE;}printf(           "\nBook Horse is Best Horse\n"          );gets(              twi - 1);}
int main(){twilight();}

Not much to say about this one: we just made it as a tribute to a character we deeply like.

We made this on one unfaithful evening when we were 14.


TTTTT       W   W       IIIII       L           Y   Y
  T         W   W         I         L            Y Y
  T         W W W         I         L             Y
  T         W W W         I         L             Y
  T          W W        IIIII       LLLLL         Y

Book Horse is Best Horse

...and then it segfaults by trying to read from nullptr.


This was a (failed) "MMORPG" Minecraft server project.

Most of the code was written in Kotlin, which was also how we learned it.

The project started as a Spigot project, but the framework was terrible, and making changes to the game was hard to say the least.

We then transitioned to use Fabric, which was a time-saver.

We (unintentionally) tried to run a worker co-op, but the project ultimately failed due to lack of resources, and people weren't much interested in the project.


Most of the repos are public, with the exception of database and game implementation.

However, the implementation repos are all simple classes deriving from the common library, we privatized the impl just so people can't steal them.

Skydale Github Org


This is a recent project (as of writing this).

It's a complete rewrite of a Minecraft mod called AE2Things, using the Quilt Mod Loader and Kotlin.




automancy (WIP)

This is an automation-centered, magic-themed game made with Rust and Vulkan.

No engine included.

A lot of the core-features are not implemented yet, but we're slowly working our way there.

We envision the project to be data-driven, that's why it's taking so long.


Rainbow Filter

This is a recreation of a program we made a long time ago in C++.

The old program used the CPU to create a rainbow effect on images, for this project we're using the GPU.

This took us around 5 hours, completely learning from scratch.

This project uses wgpu, compiling from Rust to wasm.

Live Website



We're also trying to make a blog-like website teaching about programming.

We're not sure what to name it.