Madeline Sparkles(✨)

Note that info here may be outdated as time goes on, but we'll update them whenever we get around to do it.

We, the Madeline Sparkles(✨), are a system.

You may have noticed from the s in our name, and also the ✨ sparkles emoji after it.

Together, we use as our system tag.

You can safely use they/them to refer to us, and we would prefer if you do so in more professional contexts.

You may choose to omit the s, but we would prefer if you don't.

Though, please note that we might still have some places saying Madeline Sparkle, without the s

this is simply due to us not being publicly plural at the time we wrote down those stuff.

Please DO point out if you see any errors like that!


Okay, but what's this 'system' thingy?

For that, you may want to check out resources like morethanone.info or tulpa.io.

But long story short, there are multiple people in this body.

The System

twinkle's pfp


  • Prefix: (default fronter), alternatively Mouse.
  • Gender: mouse (enby)
  • Species: (same as gender)
  • Pronouns: it/its, they/them
  • Attraction: feminine thingies
  • Sexuality: demisexual, but it's multiplied by sin(t) (it changes over time)
  • Romance: aromantic, but i do be affectionate and you're welcome to be affectionate
  • Extra Note(s): bleh... BPD.

squeak. i'm mouse that mews. mew

i'm a mouse, my gender is mouse, if you say otherwise i'll bap u with my <whatever thing mice have>

im. not too good with words >< i'm not too smart

but i socialize!.... okay well Lavender probably created me for socializing purposes but hey im happy to be alive!!!!!

(except when im not (when i'm depressed (meow.)))

im. idk who's the one here that codes, we don't have knowledge barrier but like, i dont think i play a role in coding much;;;;

which... is why we we're called Madeline, because Lavender used to be called that... but then we wanted to just be publicly plural :p

(also aa don't mind the sudden change of writing, you'll see more professional text with Lav!!)

bleh!! enough abt me, i'm just an enby mouse that's gay af and <insert 10 insecurities i have here>

Lavender's pfp


  • Prefix: Lav.
  • Gender: agender
  • Species: bat
  • Pronouns: they/them, (any)
  • Attraction: computersgirls
  • Sexuality: sex-repulsed
  • Romance: "Maybe"
  • Extra Note(s): _

I'm the formal guy. I'm agender and mostly sex and affection repulsed.

I'm also pretty aggressive at times. Don't trigger me, or prepare for the worst.

I was a bat, I'm thinking about being a dragon, but that stuff's not important.
I'm a bat.

Apparently I'm a mom/caretaker type of deal. Meh..

I'm not talkative, really.

Mary's pfp


  • Prefix: Mary.
  • Gender: female
  • Species: bunny
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Attraction: ?
  • Sexuality: Hyper?
  • Romance: No. (No.)
  • Extra Note(s): currently Not-Really-Verbal

Lav. This is a new bunny-girl, we're not sure what/who this is, and she's not showed up a lot, but we're sure she's here now.

Mouse. meow... we just know that she's a she and a bunnygirl...